Camp Wolfeboro

Check the photo library for pictures of teh Troop at Wolfeboro! Look forward to tales and more pictures in the fall 2019 edition of the Trailmaker, and names of scouts who earned awards at the Court of Honor in October.

To summarize however, in addition to the Super Gold Cross award, Troop 104 accomplishments at Wolfeboro this year included:

  • Advancements: at least one first class, many other advancements almost complete
  • 40 merit badges completed, 34 partials
  • 7 STEM NOVA Awards and a Mile Swim BSA Award.
  • Rockers: Sourdough, Grizzly, Marksman, Patriot, Olympian, Trek and Wolf. 

And four Crew 104 venturers (3 are T104 scouts) participated in the ACE program (Adventures, Connections, Experiences), an all week adventure program that includes hiking multiple overnights and mountain biking back to camp.

T104 was well represented on staff:

Mountaineer Counselors-in-Training: Nicholas and Riley

Staff Counselors: Senan (Shooting Sports), Rota (Maintenance), Finn (past scout)

Adults took training too: ASM Outdoor Leader skills (Paul) and Leave No Trace (Damian)

Ever Upward!!

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