Scouting with Troop 104 B is for boys who are 11, or are at least 10 years old and have completed the fifth grade or have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, through 17 years old. Boys experience a vigorous outdoor program and peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster to achieve Scout BSA’s objectives of developing character, citizenship, and personal fitness. Camping, fun with friends — and more. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. (Read more about girls in Scouts BSA and Venture.)

Encourage your child to join Scouts BSA today. The time we invest in our young people today will prepare them to be the leaders of the future.

Troop Philosophy

With a “boy-led, family supported” philosophy, adult leadership expects and relies on the input and feedback from the troop to plan future adventures. Adult leadership will create and weave in opportunities for leadership building and rank advancement around outings, service, and other troop activities.

General Meetings

Troop 104 meetings are held on the first three Mondays (early evenings) of each month.

On the 4th Monday (evening) of each month, Parent Meetings and Green Bar (A.K.A. the Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders) meet to (1) review the previous events and outings, (2) plan upcoming troop meetings, (3) plan the next outing(s), and, last, discuss any other troop or patrol business.

Outside meetings, scouts (and adult leadership) actively engage, communicate and collaborate through the troop’s internet message board and instant messaging platform.

Please check our calendar for details and updates.


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Overnight Kayak Outing @ Lake Clementine

Awesome T104/T100 Overnight Kayak Outing this past weekend!A first for both troops, with many lessons learned, it definitely will not be the last.Many thanks to everyone, especially SM Shar, for the heavy lift; kayaks, PFDs, and paddles for approximately 30 participants.[0]=AZXSvxGnyAnEHq_sxWvX_4QGNCwiIOIheTKhd1BJcxjHOodwU8jUbRRfRYEQXPjglz0_EPKzuEitW5xbFs4b3nPWV6D5m_KB72eWqwlAlOb2Y2l5ykfGMhXqsseJRP9kqfxgpIQmtc23-NPfXoL7gFPxVDSHuoAlT8CR3E3EVhbgPFHRPUqOMI0kVY9_ExM0Ejl1nvYNkAJQJlN15GNtvKld&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZUpXR16nCE_gFp_5hBPIOJ2KQ_AsRQskl2iX1tgu1UPT-YlNAaMK4Re6l38KsZ3ZL3TOrniEQnFzMMCiqD7xImarQY_i41jpVfFC_3ZEDlfWZtIqq1iRT2sml6gxDWtNlSZ90lIlVsSsGIR-i-3lLlh9SrAss8jQ1p4JWsibyp7of2h-GSMB3bJcP7o-tjubTm0os1sadJ0-QJxZwY_akEWoqB49BDGffrmvBg1xII01A&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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Camp Wolfeboro 2022!

This week of 7/10, our troop went to the 5th week of Camp Wolfeboro! Overall, this trip was a blast, and we did all sorts of things and earned tons of merit badges. We shot at the range, cooked spaghetti over a fire, made dumpcake in a dutch oven, won the lanyard contest and the…

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